Melissa Xoxo

First Impressions

The first picture on the tour for Melissa Xoxo is a shot of her body all slippery and wet. It looks like she just stepped out of the shower or maybe she has baby oil on her from head to toe. Either way she´s amazingly hot thanks to a great body and the wetness. There are several sample pictures on the tour and they make me want to see more of the beauty. She loves to get fully naked, she happily fucks her pussy with toys, and she has friends she plays lesbian games with. Those are all excellent qualities in a solo model.

Hot Promises

Melissa Matthews tells you on the tour that she´s appeared on other sites online but that Melissa Xoxo is her only home now. It´s where you can find sexy exclusive content that shows her masturbating, posing in hot lingerie, stripping and hooking up with chicks. She promises 1080p HD videos and live weekly webcam shows. Her pictures are high quality and she promises candid shots so you can see what she´s like when she´s not doing porn on her site. She says you´ll be amazed by what she´s willing to do on camera. She also displays a list of all the other girls you get to see on webcam and it´s an impressive collection.


The member´s area is concise and crisply designed. The eight major areas for browsing are each denoted by a little preview picture that you can click to enter. Her Twitter feed is on the right side of the page, although the last message states she changed her account and they still haven´t changed to feed to reflect that. I´m sure that will change in the next few days (if not I´d be a little worried).

There´s no section for recent updates and none of the content is dated so it´s impossible to tell if she´s actually adding new content sets or if the changed Twitter account means that she has separated herself from the site and is no longer working. The last show in the webcam archive is more than two months ago, which is a little worrisome. It´s not conclusive though. The last blog post was nearly two months ago so that´s a little worrisome. If I had to guess I´d say she´s not actually shooting new content for the site but maybe she´s just on a long vacation.

The real question is whether or not it matters. At the moment there are 44 picture galleries and 15 videos. That´s more than there were two months ago so it seems like new content is still being added, whether or not she´s actually shooting it. That´s also a decent-sized collection and should provide plenty of value, especially when you include the webcam shows you get for all the other girls in the network.

At 1600px the pictures are high resolution as promised. Sadly, there are no zip files. That takes a little value away, especially if the site´s not going to grow. Making it difficult to download the content is always frustrating. The photography is excellent with crystal clear images all around, good locations, good use of lighting, etc. The videos are all listed on one page (for now, at least) with a preview screenshot and a short title. A description or more screenshots on the download page would have been useful. As it is you get just the one picture so it can be hard to tell what goes on during the set. It´s a mild issue though. The videos play at the promised 1280x720 HD and can be downloaded in a full length WMV file. There are no streaming options.

The content is a mix of solo and lesbian sex but they don´t bother to divide it. Spending just a little time on putting together a section for each type of content would have been really nice. In the solo sets Melissa does a striptease and plays with her pussy, sometimes using a big dildo to make her snatch feel good. Her outfits range from sexy lingerie made from delicate lace to a simple tank top and denim shorts. She ends up fully nude in each set and she can´t help but put fingers and toys into her pussy.

When Melissa Xoxo goes lesbian she doesn´t mess around. In both the lesbian videos and picture galleries she goes full on girl-girl with her friends and they do genuinely amazing sexual stuff. They eat pussy, they finger and they use dildos, including strapons. My favorite video features Melissa and her hot friend Natalie having strapon sex. Natalie has an incredible body and she wears the pink strapon cock and fucks her naughty friend nice and deep with it. The ladies make delicious love for your pleasure and they´re both complete knockouts. The lesbian sex was the thing that most impressed me about the site, in fact. She´s clearly willing to take this to another level of entertainment and it´s great to watch.

There are currently 10 shows in the webcam archives and they show Melissa masturbating in full. She points the camera down at her pussy and gives it pleasure using her fingers and sometimes a dildo. She does stripteases and more. It´s really entertaining stuff. I´m not entirely sure she does new shows though. The schedule only covers a few days because there are so many other girls doing webcam entertainment that they clog it up. That´s not a bad thing though. That means you get access to 1-3 webcam shows a day and they all star gorgeous young ladies with great bodies. The girlfriends section features eight picture galleries from other cute chicks. There are 16 candid pictures that include self shots and behind the scenes content from one of her lesbian shoots.

Croco´s Opinion

Melissa Xoxo is home to a smoking hot young babe with perky tits, a pretty smile and a penchant for filling her pussy with dildos and fingers. She does solo and lesbian porn on her site and she does it with vigor and passion. For the past two month her involvement has ceased so it´s not clear if she´s still shooting new content, etc. There are 44 picture galleries and 15 videos at the moment and the site is growing. It´s just not clear how fast it´s growing or if that will continue. She doesn´t appear to do webcam chats for free anymore but you get access to 1-3 shows a day featuring other hot babes and they´re all free so it´s a tremendous bonus. She´s hot, she has amazing lesbian sex and there are lots of free webcam shows. It´s a good site; it just doesn´t approach greatness.


There´s very little information provided about the videos, which can be frustrating. Everything else is well executed.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days and $65.00 for 90 days.

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